Yoga Moves Glasgow

We began our journey as Rosina Bonsu Moves, the studio set up by the wonderful Rosina Bonsu (1955-2020). In 2020, we changed our name to Yoga Moves Glasgow and we carry Rosina’s spirit of community, inclusiveness and fun in all our classes. We chose the new name to fully honour Rosina: Yoga is what she taught us, Moves is what she called the original studio and Glasgow is where her home was. Our ethos is contained in Rosina’s wise words: Whatever the problem, it can be solved by moving..

Details of the classes can be found at the Yoga Moves Glasgow Website



£5 per class | £7 for yin yoga

Check prices for individual workshops


£11 full price | £9 concession

Check prices for individual workshops

NADISHODANA workshop (29 April-1 May 2022)

£180 early bird | £230 full price | £80 pranayama only

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