Lower Showers Delay

May 7th 2022

Dear member,

Frustrating isn’t it when things don’t go to plan? And in this instance, doubly so. When I first wrote to you about the work, the contractors assured me it would be completed by the end of March. That’s obviously not happened.

The major cause for delay has been waiting for delivery of the tiles. The supplier said they had them in stock. This wasn’t the case, but they’ve finally arrived from Italy. On top of this, the joiner’s workshop was torched by vandals and a bout of covid added to his woes.

That said, we’ve done everything we can to hurry along the work. A lot of it is sequential and if one bit isn’t completed on time, it holds up the other jobs. Be assured, myself, our staff and our architects have been chasing them up constantly to get a finishing date.

I’ve now been told we can expect the showers to be operational hopefully by the end of May. It’s with some trepidation that I tell you this, given the delays so far, but I can only share deadlines with you when I get the information and have a degree of confidence that it’s accurate and achievable.

I know just how annoying the delay is. I’m missing the facility as much as everyone else. Thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes

Gordon McDougall Chairman

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