Coronavirus Update

February 23rd 2021

Dear member

I hope you’re well and in as good spirits as possible, after almost a year of the pandemic that’s impacted on all our lives.

You may have heard the First Minister outline a framework for easing lockdown in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. She highlighted a number of significant milestones in the weeks and months ahead that will lead us back to something approaching normal life. She said all over 50s should be offered vaccination by the middle of April and all adults should have their first jag by the end of July.

This will hopefully mean as speedy a return to the baths as possible. There are, as you’d expect a number of caveats to easing restrictions, and although we have no firm date for reopening, the indication was a phased approach could begin around 26 April that would include gyms and swimming pools.

So, hopefully the vaccination programme will continue apace and the ongoing restrictions will continue to have a significant impact on the transmission rate to allow you back in to your favourite club in early May, if not sooner. I’m in regular contact with MSPs, MPs and Councillors and as soon as I can, I’ll let you know a firm date when you can return.

When I wrote to you in April last year, I offered those in difficult financial circumstances the opportunity to reduce subscription fees. I’ve been really touched that so few of you cancelled your membership and so many of you continue to pay your fees in full. If you want to discuss your level of fees, click here to contact our General Manager Andrew McGilp and he’ll get back to you.

We’ve survived this long, because generations of members, stuck with us through extremely difficult and challenging times. The 150th anniversary of the club opening its doors is on the 1st of August this year, and if you stick with us, it should hopefully be a another cause for celebration! Best wishes, stay safe and take care of each other.

Gordon McDougall

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