August 24th 2020

Dear member,

Welcome back on Monday 31 August! We’ll be open again from 7.00am, but you’ll notice a few changes and you’ll have to get used to some new ways of using the club. The following ‘safe-use’ rules have been drawn up to comply with Scottish Government conditions for opening gyms and swimming pools. In addition there’s specific procedures tailored to our own building after a thorough risk assessment of all our facilities.

Most of it shouldn’t come as a surprise, similar rules apply to many places that have already been allowed to re-open. They can be summed up as - keep your distance, clean your hands and wipe equipment.

With the exception of something not working or new Scottish Government advice, our procedures will remain unchanged for two months from opening before we consider any adjustments. This will give members and staff a chance to get used to new ways of enjoying the club and keeping as safe as possible. Anyone who persistently refuses to comply will be asked to leave and risks having their membership suspended. We need everyone to be patient, considerate and working together to ensure we are able to remain open.

Our Pond, Gymnasium, larger Turkish Room and Members Lounge will all be open, but capacity will be reduced across the entire club. Read the rules before you return and if in doubt, please ask our staff for advice.

Gordon McDougall


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