Clubbing Together - James

April 10th 2020

“...I suppose after 15 years, you could say I grew up here.”

We’re asking people what they love about the baths. The club may be a Grade A listed building of historic significance, but it would be nothing without members and loyal staff who make it extra special. Most have met our Deputy General Manager James Findlay, some will even remember the young graduate just out of Langside College...

...My journey started in September 2005, my first proper job, after gaining an HND in Fitness, Health and Exercise. Never did I imagine I’d still be here in 2020! I’ve been fortunate to see first-hand the transformation of the club, from falling membership numbers, increasing debt and huge staff turnover, to where we are today - a thriving community and great place to work. Our small full-time team has now been settled for a number of years and we take great pride in being responsible for such an important part of Glasgow’s history. The familiar faces members see on a daily basis are all still here because of the smooth running and unique nature of the club. The club has been a huge part of my life, I suppose after fifteen years, you could say I grew up here. And with baby number two due in May, I reckon we’re very much an Arlington family - stick with us!

If you’d like to share why you joined and why you’ll stick with us, send words and pictures to

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