Clubbing Together - Conflict & Crisis

April 6th 2020

“...Mr Cunningham thereupon addressed the meeting and explained that it was his view that it would be nothing short of a tragedy if the Arlington Baths Club were allowed to go under”

72nd Annual General Meeting

13th May 1942

We’re asking people what they love about the baths. A club that’s 150 years old has a wealth of stories waiting to be told. Our History Group volunteers are passionate about our architecture, our membership and a social history that spans the generations.

The current pandemic isn’t of course the first crisis in a century and half, both World Wars had a devastating impact on many families. Lucy Janes delved into our archive to discover how people coped during the Second World War and how the generosity of members saw their club through the conflict...

Read the full story here Gift to the future: how the Baths survived the Second World War

If you’d like to share why you joined and why you’ll stick with us, send words and pictures to

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