Clubbing Together - Lynsey, Alan, Abbey & Logan

April 4th 2020

“I can fly the trapeze, but the travelling rings have always defeated me.”

Lynsey, Alan, Abbey & Logan
We’re asking people what they love about the baths. Many Arlington families can trace membership back through the generations. Lynsey Smith is from one of those. In fact as one of our water babies, it seems she almost learned to swim before she learned to walk. And she’s sticking with us...

...I’ve been a member of the baths all of my life. All my grandparents were members, my parents and now my 2 kids - making Logan and Abbey 4th generation members! I remember being taught how to swim by Mr Brannan and clear as a bell I remember him encouraging me to dive off the dale on the one occasion I was brave enough to try! I can fly the trapeze, but the travelling rings have always defeated me. The pool and the Turkish are my favourite parts and the restoration and improvements made over the last decade are particularly impressive. But my absolute favourite thing? I love the sense of community, the friends I’ve made and the huge variety of discussion topics I have covered over the years with the many members I have met. It truely is a treasure and I look forward to taking visitors round on Doors Open Day every year - no one can fail to be impressed. That’s why we’re sticking with the Arlington.

If you’d like to share why you joined and why you’ll stick with us, send words and pictures to

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