Clubbing Together - Karen & Simon

April 1st 2020

“...happy memories of Muriel Dell and the club camaraderie prompted me to hire the lounge for my 50th birthday.”

Karen & Simon

We’re asking people what they love about the baths. Karen Willey and Simon Dell met twenty-eight years ago, but Simon’s mother Muriel encouraged Karen to start another love affair...

...Muriel Dell joined the baths in the early 1980s. She had a stressful job in Glasgow’s Single Homeless Unit and the baths were one of her key means of getting some valuable ‘me time’. Ever the activist it wasn’t long before Muriel joined the Arlington Board and made a point of introducing friends and family to the fabulous facilities. When Simon and I met in 1992, Muriel insisted on ‘signing me in’. We spent many an afternoon getting to know each other and I really did fall in love with her favourite club. That affair and our friendship lasted until Muriel died aged ninety in 2017. We’re not members as we live down in Ayrshire, but we still have many friends in the club and whenever there’s an exhibition, event or fundraiser, more often than not we’ll be there. In fact it was the happy memories of Muriel and the club camaraderie that prompted me to hire the Members Lounge for my 50th birthday. And given how my lot like to party, more than a few bob was raised behind the bar for the Restoration Fund. I’m sure Muriel would approve. For me and Simon, the Arlington is far more than an architectural gem. It holds very dear and lasting memories. And we’re sure that’s the case for lots of you. We hope it will always be a part of our lives and we’ll stick with you.

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