Clubbing Together - Tricia

March 31st 2020

“More people cycling, more people walking, more people swimming - wouldn't that be good for us all?“


We’re asking people what they love about the baths. Patricia Fort is a retired British Rail Civil Engineer and she is one of the Arlington’s ‘early birds’. She’s as passionate about cycling as she is about swimming, not to mention the odd shower or two... She joined 23 years ago and told us why she’s sticking with us...

...The big change in my life since the Arlington closed? Far more showers at home. I’ll explain. I usually get to the club 5 days a week at 7.00am. Yes, that's early but it's what I did when I was still working and, for me, it's a great time to go. It's a 5 mile round cycle from my home near Glasgow Green, starting with the calm of the river Clyde, mixing with the early morning traffic on my way up North Street, then the scary bit - returning home through Charing Cross. The traffic careers off the M8, blocks the yellow box junction, changes lanes, overtakes, undertakes, but hey ho, I've had my swim - I'm alert, and at peace with the world. So why the emphasis on the showers? It's a shower when I arrive, not just because it's the thing to do, but to get rid of the grime from the last 23 hours or so and then, of course, a second shower after my swim. That's now reduced to one shower at home. I'm still leaving early, but cycling at least twice as far and what a joy it is now the roads are so empty. Let's hope that after this world crisis I get the best of both worlds, back to swimming and cycling there and back in less traffic! More people cycling, more people walking, more people swimming - wouldn't that be good for us all? That’s why I’m sticking with the Arlington!

If you’d like to share why you joined and why you’ll stick with us, send words and pictures to

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