Clubbing Together - Tracy, Will & Heather

March 29th 2020

"met lots of families and the Friday Night Gang have since become firm friends."

Tracy, Will & Heather

We’re asking people what they love about the baths. When Tracy Burnett moved back to Glasgow, she made a happy discovery and a chunk of new friends. She joined with her family in 2010 and told us why they’re sticking with us...

I stumbled upon the Arlington ten years ago by sheer accident whilst looking for a school! My daughter hadn’t been exposed to much swimming down in the big smoke, so I was determined when we arrived back in Glasgow that she would learn as soon as possible. At the Arlington I met lots of families with the same objective and the ‘Friday Night Gang’ of families have since become firm friends. Along with lots of the members we volunteer when we can, helping out during events like Doors Open Day and fundraising food nights. Our kids Christmas party is particularly special and there’s nothing better than watching the kids get a visit from Santa. I love so many things about the club, the Turkish room being my favourite place, there is nowhere better to escape a dreich Glasgow day than in there with a book. The baths have been a massive part of mine and my family’s lives over these last ten years and I consider myself very fortunate to have become part of this very special community. That’s why we’re sticking with the Arlington!

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