From: February 16th 2024 until February 16th 2024

Who are you really, beyond the programmed fear? Are you ready for full freedom & full responsibility? (I know you are, deep down, so do you). I am just back from intensive training with the founder, dying many deaths in preparation for me to support your deep journeying and rebirths...

Innerdance isn't dancing as you know it. It is an eyes closed, lying down journey where the dance is internal with cosmic possibilities. It is a powerful consciousness practice which I am honoured to hold space for.

Founded by Pi in the Philippines, innerdance is now a global practice which is being integrated into educational curriculums, in health care settings, prisons and during births with several innerdance babies being born these last months.

The science: With a carefully curated homemade playlist designed to harmonise the electricity and magnetism within the body, purposefully organised to stimulate brain waves with intention to cloud the linear, reductive view, the brain can experience it's fuller potential as each lobe is awoken, enabling a generalised spread of electricity which repatterns the autonomic nervous system and can bring us back to unity, similar to that of the newborn baby where there is no separation.

Intuitive touch is offered as a stimulus to deepen and support your journey. The process mimics an 8 hour REM sleep cycle with experiences similar to lucid dreaming.

You may experience imagery, emotion, sensation, release, time changes, impulse to move or sound. at 7pm we shall gather in circle to welcome each other and have a chat about what innerdance is. We shall then go on our innerdance for 60 minutes. After the internal journey, we will support collective and individual integration through sharing, snacking, drawing and resting. the exchange is on a sliding scale of £20-30 with a special price of £20 for Arlington members. Non-members welcome.

Please bring a yoga mat, water, blankets and a pillow.

Booking essential.

Please contact me for details or if you have any questions. Receipt of payment secures your space. My email is or

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