Ghost Signs of Glasgow Exhibition

From: September 25th 2021 until December 21st 2021

Ghost Signs of Glasgow is a project which documents, researches & archives fast disappearing faded signs around the city and unearths many of the stories behind old signs and shopfronts in the city. 

Ghost signs are remnants of faded painted signs that give an insight into Glasgow’s past, representing a business, establishment or street that often no longer exists. Ghost Signs are ephemeral, they can disappear as fast as they appear, and are an aspect of Glasgow’s built heritage that’s often at risk of being lost forever. The project has been researching & documenting ghost signs in Glasgow since 2018, and has created an online archive that expands our collective knowledge about these remnants of Glasgow’s past. 

The Ghost Signs of Glasgow exhibition has been made possible through grant-aided assistance from the Glasgow City Heritage Trust , and it is a collection of some of our favourite ghost signs and stories that we’ve managed to unearth during the project. The exhibition will run through to December, at the Arlington Baths Club, when we’ll run walking tours of west end ghost signs, to accompany the exhibition. 

Opens to the public from Saturday 25th September till 21 December 2021.

Open Monday - Friday 7am-9.30pm, Saturday 9am-9.30pm, Sunday 9am-5pm (please confirm exhibition opening hours with club before arrival)

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